writer's block


Writer's block is a bitch.

I have been working on my novel series for a YEAR.


Why haven't I got anything to show for it besides a half-filled writerly commonplace book??

I'm getting a bit depressed at the moment.


Okay well I know it's been a long time since i've posted. I wanted to start journaling again because...well...
1) My mother was rediagnosed with breast cancer in July. Only, this time, it had metastized to her liver, which essentialy shut down by January.
2) She was moved to hospice Tuesday, Feb 2. Her funeral was last Saturday, Feb 6.

I'm gonna share some things that people have told me happening over the last ten days.
- When she was lying in her bed at hospice, a small white thing floated down to her. Dad picked it up..and saw that it was a little feather. Mom's pillows were all cloth - no goose down - and there were no vents above her bed because they have to keep it very sanitary. My dad looked at my mother and said, "Well, you've already got your wings."

More later.

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hadn't updated in quite a while, so i thought i would.
well, the internet on my laptop is back up and now i can do stuff! =)
writing a couple of novels now.

writer's block

Writer's Block: Starting from Scratch

What would be the best thing about entering the Witness Protection Program and getting to start your life from scratch? The worst?

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Best Thing: Starting over completely, without any of the awkwardness that people usually associate with me.
Worst Thing: Having to make new friends, because I'm so awkward.


What Kind of Parallel Universe IS THIS?

So, I'm watching the 2007 movie of Sweeney Todd. I'm die-hard Stage Sweeney fan and I adore George Hearn.

So why am I so pleasantly surprised?

The cuts to the songs and dialogue are minor. There's enough for me to recognize. The ones I miss the most are the Ballads and the Beggar Woman's extended part. And the chorus parts. And the funny dialogue in A Little Priest. And Kiss Me! WHERE THE HELL IS "KISS ME"? If I didn't know about Kiss Me, I'd be calling Anthony a creppy stalker. But he isn't. So there.

Johnny Depp = Not bad. He's too quiet for me, personally. Not enough anger and emotion. His singing sounds like a sober Jack Sparrow and Epiphany was totally anticlimactic. Still. Not good, not horrible.

Helena Bonham Carter gets a good solid meh. She strains her voice on the higher notes and her voice is pretty thin (not like I'm one to talk since I'm pretty sure my singing voice is similar) but she is the prettiest of the Mrs. Lovetts. So. Meh.

I absolutely adore Jamie Campbell Bower as Anthony and I'm kind of fangirling him now. His version of Johanna is one of the best and he was so sweet and gah.

Jayne Wisener is so cute and petite and I really like her version  of "Green Finch". She is a very good casting decision. I wish she and Jamie had larger roles.

Alan Rickman must have strained his voice, it was so low. And he actually used the Snape Swoop on Anthony. And..."YOU GANDERED AT MY WARD. YOU FRIGGIN GANDERED, BITCH. Wormtail, beat him up plzkthx."

And Womtail...no wait...Mr Poe....no.....Timothy Spall! Mr. Spall was very snarky and sycophantic as the Beadle and he grossed me out. I guess he did his job but damn.

And the kid as Toby...well, I'm still a staunch believer in the late teen, mentally slow Toby with a limp. The kid did well and him curled up in drunken swinish sleep was the cutest thing ever. When Mrs. Lovett attempted to pull the bottle away I expected him to be like MAHNE.

I actually squeed when Sacha Baron Cohen came out of the tent as Pirelli. I absolutely loved him and he pulled the whole thing off nicely. He was both sinister and flamboyant and the high note was AWESOME.

To recap: the people by themselves are pretty bad. The movie altogether was good. I think I'll post a full recap of it just as soon as I'm done tripping over how good the ending was.
writer&#39;s block

Writer's Block: Grab and Go

Scenario: For exactly 1 minute, you get access to all the databases of all the intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, FBI, KGB, MI-5, etc). What do you want to find out before time is up and you're caught and jailed forever?
I would definitely have an external hard drive so I can download everything for future viewing. I wouldn't be looking for anything specific; I'm just a curious (or you could call it nosy) person and I love gathering information. :-)